Weather Delays

If rain or other weather problems threaten a photoshoot, we will simply reschedule it on a later date. If there are any expenses incurred by the delay, the client is responsible for them.

Advances / Deposits

Most clients will need to pay an advance when a photoshoot is scheduled. Advances are not refundable. The amount of the advance will depend on the type of project we are planning. For portraiture the advance will be $100. For commercial photography it will be about one-third of the estimate or the sum of the estimated expenses, whichever is higher. The advance amount will be applied to the invoice.

Usage Rights and Legal Issues

U.S. law assigns the copyright of a photograph to the photographer who created it. Most photographers prefer to sell very limited Usage Rights to their clients, but many clients are confused by this. In the interest of simplicity I simply sell the client all the rights he needs - usually it's unlimited, world-wide, non-exclusive usage rights for five years. The rights will be granted upon full payment of the invoice relating to the project.

The following terms and conditions are printed on each of my invoices.

Rights to use the photographs referenced by this invoice will not be granted until payment is received in full. Client will defend Cliff Fiess against any and all claims, liability, damages, and costs, including legal fees & expenses, arising out of the creation, use, or misuse of these images. Unless delivered to Client by Cliff Fiess, no model or property release exists. Amounts past due may be subject to a monthly service charge of 1.5%.


I regret that I can't accept some types of assignments.

  • CFP is a one man business. This means I may not be able to accept large jobs that have severe time constraints.
  • I prefer not to do weddings or other event photography. I don't possess the temperament or the equipment for this type of work.


To avoid a needless expense, please inform me as soon as possible when you need to postpone or cancel a photoshoot. Last minute cancellations or postponements will be invoiced as follows:

  • For cancellation or postponement on the day before the scheduled photoshoot clients will be charged 50% of the advance amount - usually $50 for a portrait session.
  • For cancellation or postponement on the day of the scheduled photoshoot clients will be charged 100% of the advance amount - usually $100 for a portrait session.

These amounts are due when and if the photoshoot is rescheduled.