Prepare For Your Session

  • Avoid wearing clothes with bright colors and complex or loud patterns. I want your face to be the subject of the photo, not your clothing. Unless the photo is a business portrait, I prefer casual, comfortable clothing.

  • Consider coordinating clothing colors. Some family groups have opted for white shirts and blue jeans with very pleasing results.

  • Bring a blanket so sitting on a lawn is more comfortable.

  • Bring toys and books for young children.

Regarding Digital Files

Digital images can look very different on the various devices people use. Both the brightness and the color fidelity can vary considerably, and an excellent image may look bad on some monitors. Visual artists solve this problem by calibrating everything. If your device is not calibrated, you may not be seeing an accurate representation of the photo. My equipment is calibrated and the images will look the way they should on other calibrated monitors. 

Similarly, if you have prints made at a budget photo lab they may not look the way they should. For the best results you should use a high-quality color lab. Keep in mind that I can provide prints at reasonable prices.