Product Photography



Currently I can only photograph products that are less than two feet on a side.


Photos for

Amazon is revolutionizing retailing, and it seems like every manufacturer wants their product to appear on Amazon website. I am familiar with Amazon's photo requirements and will guarantee that Amazon will approve the photos I provide.


Distant Clients

If you are not located in Kitsap County, consider shipping your products to me. With modern technology and efficient shipping it is no longer necessary for clients to be in close proximity to their photographer. 

  • Contact me by email or telephone so we can discuss your photography needs. Email is preferred because both of us will have a record of our conversations.
  • I will provide you with an estimate.
  • Ship your products to the address I will provide.
  • I will unpack and photograph the products.
  • Then I will edit the images and confirm that color balance, exposure, and contrast are correct.
  • The images will be delivered to the you via Dropbox or a similar service.
  • Finally I will repack your merchandise and ship it back to you.


Virtual Studio Presence

Would you like to watch while I photograph and retouch your photos? If I'm shooting tethered in my studio, or if I'm retouching, I can upload the photos to the internet. I'll email you a link, and you can see the images with your browser. It's almost as good as being present in the studio. Plus you can offer suggestions and feedback via email or telephone. Your satisfaction is vitally important to me.